What is the difference between the 3in1 and the iDual technology ?

3in1:  Power White, Dimming, Mood Light

iDual: Tunable White, Dimming, Color Themes

In general, iDual has more varieties cover different lighting need, creating better experience. The dynamic light effects deliver more smooth lighting transition, also bringing more quality lights for each moment. 

How to install iDual bulbs ?

Easy “Plug & Play”! Replace the normal bulb on the existing standard lamp holder, and be ready to experience iDual lighting.

How can I connect them together with other iDual products ?

You do not need to group different iDual products. “One remote control for all iDual lights”,  the IR remote control with 4-6 meters range for any iDual lights in the Infra-Red reception area.

How to install iDual bulbs ?

Easy “Plug & Play”! Replace the normal bulb on the existing standard lamp holder, and be ready to experience iDual lighting.

How can I control the different colours in one room ?

Select the color mode you like with a iDual remote control. The adjustable wide IR range helps you choose all the iDual luminaire at the same time, while the narrower range helps to point control single light.

How many bulbs can I use in one room with the remote ?

“One remote control for all iDual lights”, incl. recessed, spotlights, bulbs, and decorative…and more. As long as within 4-6 meters range, all iDual lights react to the remote control. Freely design your room lighting.

Can I install a bulb in a regular lamp on the ceiling ?

Totally compatible with existing standard lamp holders. Easy “Plug & Play”!  

Wall switch, which do I need ?

The iDual products is compatible with any kind of wall switch in market. While the products are incompatible with dimmers.

Are batteries  in the packaging for remote control ?

In standard Jedi package, batteries are not included in packaging.

How long is the warranty ?

5 years

How many switch on and off Circles can I have with these LED Lamps ?

For iDual products, normally 15,000 switching circles based on 20,000hrs lifetime. Different product varies.

It’s really true that a LED is working 15,000 hrs ?

Lifetime of a LED itself is 50,000hrs or more, as a semi-conduction component. Depending on different working conditions, the lifetime of our iDual products is normally 20, 000hrs.

Are the bulbs getting hot like a regular bulb ?

LED is cold light source. It would not be as hot as halogen or incandescent bulbs.

The distance between the recessed spotlights is too small

In 2016, the problem of the distance between the spots is solved as 3 spots kit will consist of 3 individual spots.

Meanwhile, for the previous set of 3, it is advised not to cut the cables of the connected spots. By cutting might cause product disfunction. A temporary solution is to replace the set of 3, by 3 times the kit 1.

The distance between the remote control and the luminaire ?

In one room you can easily control multiple fixtures, with at least 5 to 10 maters.

How to separately control different lighting in one room ?

The new RC system that proposes 2 positions : one with a wide beam controlling all the luminaires in a certain area; one with a narrow beam pointing to one specific luminaire.

Is the new version of RC compatible with the previous iDual bulbs ?

The new RC is compatible with all the iDual luminaires, including previous ones.

Luminaires do not react simultaneously to commands

It is possible that in some corners, luminaires do not always react simultaneously. Make sure to point to the receivers built in the luminaires. Try press one more time, but in different angle.

When the customer turns the light off, will the same “light mode” remains when it lights up again ?

When the product is powered by wall switch, the light mode is warm light mode (2700K / 50% brightness) as default.

When the product is switched on by remote control, the light mode is what used before switching off.